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On 26th July 2022, Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) held the Photography Workshop at SK Beting Lintang, Terengganu. The participants for this workshop are students from SK Beting Lintang and SK Alor Peroi. We had Mr Yusuf Madi, a nature, landscape and wildlife photographer as the speaker. This workshop engages students on the career path of a professional photographer. The goal is to provide a catalyst for creativity in the student for them to express their advocacy through photos that can evoke an emotional response, interest or action from viewers.


Through this workshop, students are able to acquire skills in photography such as rules of third (RO3), composition, lighting, and framing. A practical session was done at Pantai Beting Lintang, where participants experimented with camera angles to show that one subject can swiftly change the mood and feeling depending on the perspectives, even make mundane shots a lot more interesting and gripping.


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