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Litter Less Campaign

The Litter Less Campaign (LLC) aims to empower young people, to find solutions to litter and waste issues they face, by providing them with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to change their environment and affect others to do the same.  The campaign highlight the importance of dealing with waste and litter issue to minimize its negative impact. 

The Litter Less Campaign is a joint project between the Mars Wrigley Foundation and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).  The World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM) was invited to join the Litter Less campaign in 2022 to increase the impact of the campaign through informal education. 

How it works?

The Young Reporters (ages 11-25 years) participating in the Litter Less Campaign produce journalistic pieces in the form of articles, videos, or photos that promote solutions for local litter and waste challenges and disseminate their work to local media. They can also submit their work to a national YRE competition and if they win they can compete in the international competition. Furthermore, participants will organise action days and develop action plans to tackle local waste problems.

Students supported by teacher will;
1) Investigate and report on litter and waste issues
2) Plan and implement a Litter Less media campaign, that focuses on any pollution aspect that bothers them. The plan of the media campaign should include: 

  • Solutions for the litter and waste issue media plan for the school year

  • Expected results and the number of media reach.

3) Work as a team and act as leaders for the whole school community (e.g. motivate other students to implement the proposed solution(s))
4) Organise Community Action Days and participate in activities related to the LLC and LLC Plus
5) Produce media pieces in the form of photos, videos or written articles for public viewing

Target Group

School student from Scout unit
Age limit ; 10-17 years old


Litter Less Campaign manual in Bahasa Malaysia

Litter Less Campaign Brief Slides

Briefing Slide


LLC School Registration Form

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