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Giving biggest hour for the Earth

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

 All the non-essential lights are turned off for 60 minutes in our effort of saving the energy.

Desaru, March 25 - Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has made a significant impact in promoting sustainability and protecting the planet through its green and eco-environment initiatives. Building on the achievements of the previous year, the hotel is taking an active role in commemorating the annual global event of Earth Hour in 2023.


The event is a symbolic gesture of turning off non-essential lights for one hour, with the aim of reducing energy consumption. Earth Hour is not just an event, but a call to action, urging individuals, communities, and businesses to take proactive steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and protecting our planet. This hour represents a significant gesture towards creating a more sustainable future, and it serves as a reminder that every individual has a role to play in creating a better environment.

Mr. Murray Aitken, the General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, has stated that the sustainable actions taken by the hotel are aimed at creating a better future in the long run, and the hotel will continue to implement these measures frequently.


“In this event, we should focus on energy savings and to always continue making efforts toward sustaining green practice in our premise,” he said


Apart from the 60-minutes gimmick for the event, they also prioritizes sustainable practices such as recycling, composting, and sourcing natural products to reduce their carbon footprint in the hotel compund. By engaging visitors in a fun and educational experience, the hotel is promoting sustainable practices and providing a practical solution to the issue of waste.


Recycling used bed sheets into reusable tote bags. This initiative is aimed at addressing the issue of old bed sheets, which would otherwise contribute to waste and landfill pollution.

As part of their "Grow Your Own Vegetables" program, they are also incorporating the idea of composting. The hotel's sustainable farm provides organically grown fresh vegetables for their restaurant. By turning the food waste into compost, it will significantly reducing the amount of waste ending up in the landfil and at the same time, it provide natural fertilizer for seed germination.


Approximately 240 kg of their kitchen food waste has been recycle into compost.

Participating in this event can be a great way for young people to learn about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. It provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and take part in meaningful activities that can have a positive impact on the planet. We at YRE Malaysia are so thankful for this opportunity in collaborating for this year Earth Hour event at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.


According to our young reporters, Mohamad Nafiz Mohamad Isa, he learnt a lot of knowledge from this event and this will inspire him to continue making green efforts toward preserving the planet for the future.


Overall, the event is a powerful tool for promoting environmental awareness and inspiring action. By bringing people together to learn, share ideas, and take action, these initiatives can help to create a more sustainable future for us all.


Earth Hour Event Recap, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast


Article write up by - Siti Hajar and Nurul Najaha

Photos by - Muhamad Nafiz

Video by - Reyhan Raj

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