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FEE Academy is now back with a new course called ‘Environmental Journalism – Photography’ and it’s completely free.


The course is set to happen for six (6) weeks starting 30 June 2021 until 13 August 2021.


About Environmental Journalism – Photography:

  1. The entire course will be conducted in English.

  2. Open for students ages 13-18.

  3. Contains six (6) different sections that students can do independently or with the guidance of a teacher.

  4. A great activity for the summer holidays or as an extracurricular project that is encourages creativity and critical thinking about the environment.


How to Register?

  1. Each participant must first create a user account on FEE Academy.

  2. Once the user account has been created, the participant can then enroll in the course using an enrolment key. Please ask your teacher for the enrolment key.

  3. Once enrolled, participants will be able to access and complete the course from June 30th until August 13th.


What are you waiting for? Register now or before 30 June 2021.

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