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Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) hosted a Mobilegraphy Workshop with lifestyle videographer and photographer, Winnie Wong on August 20, 2022, at SMS Muzaffar Syah (SMS MOZAC), Melaka. We had the honour of hearing a motivational speech from YBhg. Datuk Wira Dr. Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah, Chief Executive Officer of Melaka Green Technology Corporation (MGTC). The aim of this workshop is to help students grasp the fundamentals of videography using smartphones, by focusing on the composition techniques and editing with style in accordance with their personalities and interests. This course focuses on educating them about the environment and allows them to voice out their opinion in the form of videos. Participants were split up into smaller groups for a practical session where they went around the school and created a short video utilising the techniques they had learned. They managed to present meaningful videos with great editing styles in a short period of time.


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