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Format & Structure

  1. No more than 1,000 words (after translation into English).

  2. Must have title of no more than 140 characters.

  3. Must be submitted to YRE Malaysia via Google Form in Microsoft Word format.

  4. Must include 1-3 images (photographs, illustrations, diagrams, etc.) each with captions of no more than 20 words. Sources for all images must be given.

  5. Must include an introduction, body (supporting paragraphs) and conclusion and answer the questions of who, what, where, why, when and how.


Honest & Unbiased Reporting

  1. Facts, statistics, and scientific information must be supported by credible sources.

  2. Any quotes used must be from real and credible sources.

  3. Sources used in the video must be cited using either footnotes or MLA style. This includes citing the original author/source of any images (photographs, illustrations, diagrams, etc.) used in article.


Constructive & Well-Rounded Perspective

  1. Articles should be balanced and fair in terms of representing different sides of an argument before suggesting possible solutions.

  2. Article should explore the historical, economic, social, and/or political implications of the chosen topic through an environmental lens.

  3. The article should show the link between local and global events, issues and/or phenomena.

  4. The article should include relevant, feasible and constructive solutions to environmental issues presented in the article.


Originality & Independence

  1. The article is original in subject and/or scope. The author has picked a challenging and/or creative topic or has depicted a topic in a different and/or creative way.

  2. The participant has engaged in fieldwork and conducted research on the chose topic outside of their school grounds.



  1. Participants are required to share their work through a minimum of 3 different channels. A total of 5 point may be awarded for dissemination through the following channels:

    • Personal Sphere = 1 point

    • School Community = 1 point

    • National Operator Organisation = 0.5 points

    • National Media (Newspaper, TV, Radio) = 1 point

    • YRE Hub = 0.5 points

    • International Media Outlet = 1 point

  1. Evidence of dissemination must be submitted with the video and published via links or images on Exposure below the video.

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