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'Reportage Video', acts as a mini documentary based on news, events, history, facts and more. The video produced should use the correct elements of observation, research, interviews and documentation.



Age Category : 10-12 years old & 13-17 years old

1st Prize : 

  1. Prize worth RM 300 

  2.  Certificate

2nd Prize

  1.  Prize worth RM 200 

  2. Certificate

3rd Prize

  1.  Prize worth RM 100 

  2. Certificate


Age Category : 18-24 years old

1st Prize : 

  1. Prize worth RM 3000 (include YRE Ambassador programme and Sustainability Eco-tourism)

  2.  Certificate

2nd Prize

  1. Prize worth  RM 300

  2. Certificate

3rd Prize

  1.  Prize worth RM 200 

  2. Certificate

*subject to terms and/or conditions that may be imposed by organiser.

“Certificate of Participation” will be given to all participants.

Deadline : 21st October 2024

Quick FAQs

Q1. Who may enter the Competition?

A1: This competition is open to all Malaysian ages between 10 to 24 years old.

Q2. What is the format of the submission?


Format & Structure

  • Participants can only submit one (1) video to YRE Malaysia via Google Form.

  • The video work must be submitted in a file format compatible with YouTube and must not exceed 3 minutes (excluding the roll of credit).

  • Video graphic work must have a title that is no more than 140 characters.

  • Video graphic work must include a description of no more than 100 words and a caption of no more than 20 words, OR a maximum description of 120 words.

  • The description and caption of the video should link the video with the environment topic and/or provide a solution to the environmental issues presented in the video.

  • Video graphic works must be produced in technical and artistic manner. This includes composition, lighting, color, sharpness, and subject.


Honest & Fair Reporting

  • Editorial changes to videos (e.g. 'color', 'contrast', 'definition', 'shadows', 'highlights', 'cropping', 'leveling', etc.) are permitted, as long as this editing activity does NOT change the reality of the subject or object in the video.

  • Any citations should be from real and verified sources.

  • Scientific facts, statistics, and information need to be supported by credible sources.

  • The source used in the video and the description of the video should be written using footnotes or the APA @ MLA style.

  • It is recommended that 70 percent of the video work consists of photographs, video recordings and audio produced by the participants themselves. If additional images (photographs, illustrations, diagrams, etc.), additional video recordings or additional audio are used, the original author/source must be stated in the video.

Constructive & Holistic Perspective

  • Video graphic works should address the aspects of historical, economic, social, and/or political implications in the topics chosen for the participant’s project through an environmental perspective.

  • Video and captions used must show the connection between local and global events, issues, and/or phenomenon.

  • The written description and/or caption of the video should include relevant and workable solutions to the environmental issues presented in the video.



Authenticity & Autonomy


  • The video taken by the participants themselves are of genuine and unique subjects and/or scopes. Participants picked challenging topics or described them in various ways.

  • Participants create video graphic works in a creative manner.

  • Participants conducted fieldwork and research on specific topics outside of the school grounds.


Dissemination and Participation in Workshops


  • Participants are required to share their work through a minimum of three (3) different channels. A total of 5 points can be awarded for the dissemination of works through the following channels:

    • Personal Sphere = 1 point

    • School Community = 1 point

    • National Media (newspaper, TV, Radio) = 1 point

    • 5 different YRE workshops = 1 point

    • International Media Channel = 1 point

  • Proof of dissemination should be included with photos.

​Q3. How to submit the video?

A3: Submit your creative work in HERE.

Q4. About the deadline.

A4: The deadline time and date are on or before 11.59 p.m., 21st October 2024.

Q5. Ownership of Intellectual Property (the video)

A5: By participating in this Competition, each participant grants the  sole absolute, unequivocal and irrevocable ownership and/or intellectual property right over the article  and contents thereto.

Q6.  Announcement of winners

A6: The winners will be contacted via personal notification via e-mail and/or telephone.

Q7. Terms and Conditions

A7: By participating, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Competition which can be downloaded via this link Terms and Conditions: CLICK HERE

Q8. Further Queries

A8: Any further query can be forwarded to us via email at

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