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Goal of the ‘Written Article’ is to tell a story about a problem your community or the world is facing and share it to the public locally and internationally. It aims to tell a true and accurate story through an environmental perspective.


Age Category : 10-12 years old & 13-17 years old

1st Prize : 

  1. Prize worth RM 300 

  2.  Certificate

2nd Prize

  1.  Prize worth RM 200 

  2. Certificate

3rd Prize

  1.  Prize worth  RM 100 

  2. Certificate


Age Category : 18-24 years old

1st Prize : 

  1. Prize worth  RM 3000 

  2.  Certificate

2nd Prize

  1.  Prize worth  RM 500 

  2. Certificate

3rd Prize

  1.  Prize worth  RM 300

  2. Certificate

*subject to terms and/or conditions that may be imposed by organiser.

“Certificate of Participation” will be given to all participants.

Deadline: 1st August 2024

Quick FAQs

Q1. Who may enter the Competition?

A1: This competition is open to all Malaysian ages between 10 to 24 years old.

Q2. What is the format of the submission?


Format & Structure


  • Participants can only submit one (1) article to YRE Malaysia via Google Form.

  • The written work must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (docx.)

  • The article does not exceed 1,000 words excluding the captions and references.

  • The article must be in english only.

  • Title of the article must not exceed 140 characters.

  • At least one (1) to three (3) images must be provided (pictures, illustrations, diagrams, etc.). Each images must include a caption of no more than 20 words and a source statement.

  • Must have an introduction, body (paragraph content) and conclusion as well as answer to questions on ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ better known as the ‘5W1H’ method.


Honest & Fair Reporting

  • The article must be an honest and genuine representation of reality, and the subject and/or background of the writing are not modified or significantly altered.

  • Scientific facts, statistics, and information need to be supported by credible sources.

  • Sources used in the article should be written in footnotes or in APA @ MLA format. This includes citations of the author/original source for any illustrations (pictures, illustrations, diagrams, etc.) used in the article.

Constructive & Holistic Perspective


  • The article should be balanced and fair in terms of arguments before proposing possible solutions to the environmental issues that the writer wishes to study.

  • The article should address the aspects of historical, economic, social, and/or political implications in the topics chosen for the participant’s project through an environmental perspective.

  • The article must show the connection between local and global events, issues, and/or phenomenon.

  • The article should produce relevant and workable solutions to the environmental issues that the writer wishes to express.

Authenticity & Autonomy


  • The article written by the participants themselves are of genuine and unique subjects and/or scopes. Participants choose challenging topics or described them in various ways.

  • Participants wrote the article in a creative manner.

  • Participants conducted fieldwork and research on specific topics outside of the school grounds.


Dissemination and Participation in Workshops


  • Participants are required to share their work through a minimum of three (3) different channels. A total of 5 points can be awarded for the dissemination of works through the following channels:

    • Personal Sphere = 1 point

    • School Community = 1 point

    • National Media (newspaper, TV, Radio) = 1 point

    • 5 different YRE workshops = 1 point

    • International Media Channel = 1 point

  • Proof of dissemination should be included with photos.

​Q3. How to submit the article?

A3: Submit your creative work in HERE.

Q4. About the deadline.

A4: The deadline time and date are on or before 11.59 p.m., 1st August 2024.

Q5. Ownership of Intellectual Property (the article)

A5: By participating in this Competition, each participant grants the  sole absolute, unequivocal and irrevocable ownership and/or intellectual property right over the article  and contents thereto.

Q6.  Announcement of winners

A6: The winners will be contacted via personal notification via e-mail and/or telephone.

Q7. Terms and Conditions

A7: By participating, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Competition which can be downloaded via this link Terms and Conditions: CLICK HERE

Q8. Further Queries

A8: Any further query can be forwarded to us via email at

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