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Executive Director of Green Growth Asia Foundation (GGAF), Ir. Ts. Dr Mahadi Mohamad talks about YRE Malaysia on Astro Awani.

About NYRE 2022


Who can apply?

How to Enter?

About NYRE 2022

Young Reporters
for the Environment

YRE Malaysia

NYRE 2022

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an international programme operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the world's largest environmental education organisation. The programme, which has active members from 77 countries, provides an opportunity for young people to discuss environmental issues using written, photographic, or video. Based on that, this programme also empowers young people to gain knowledge and take a stand on environmental issues that involve themselves and the communities they live in.


As the national operator of YRE Malaysia, Green Growth Asia Foundation (GGAF) is organising the National Young Reporters for the Environment (NYRE) programme for this year, which will feature numerous interesting workshops as well as competitions at various levels. Interested individuals can participate at the state level before being selected for the next national level, where they will represent their country at the YRE International Competitions. 

This year, YRE Malaysia is organising the National Young Reporters for the Environment (NYRE) 2022 Competitions. The Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) has authorised the NYRE 2022 programme, which is also endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA). The competitions are classified into three (3) media categories with each having its own list of competitions (refer to the list below) and they seek to promote the works created by participants as well as sharing their thoughts and opinions with the public at the state, national, and international levels. 


Click on the underlined phrases below to learn more about the evaluation criteria for each competition. 

Media Category: PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. NYRE 2022 Single Reportage Photo Competition

  2. NYRE 2022 Single Photo Campaign Competition

  3. NYRE 2022 Photo Story Competition (3-5 Photographs)

Media Category: VIDEOGRAPHY

  1. NYRE 2022 Reportage Video Competition

  2. NYRE 2022 Environmental Video Campaign Competition

Media Category: ARTICLE 

  1. NYRE 2022 Written Article Competition


The NYRE programme is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which emphasise a holistic approach that can be practised by local communities to achieve sustainable development by presenting initiatives in addressing environmental issues in their community. Participants are encouraged to examine the relationship between the creation of their work and one or more themes of the SDGs before determining the topics to be reported on. There are three (3) main themes for the creation of the work of participants in the competition, namely:

  1. Climate Change

  2. Loss of Biodiversity 

  3. Pollution

About NYRE 2021
Type of Competitions

Who can Apply?

The NYRE 2022 Competitions are open to all Malaysian youth aged between 10-24 years old

Below are the three (3) age categories for all six (6) competitions:

First: 10-13 years old 
Second: 14-17 years old
Third: 18-24 years old


  • The competitions are open to individuals or groups (limited to two people only) for article writing and videography.

  • Students from public, private or international educational institutions including individuals undergoing homeschooling (homeschool) and students under the Special Education Integration Program (SEIP) are strongly encouraged to participate in the NYRE 2022 Competitions.

  • Participants can only submit one (1) creative work for one (1) competition.

  • Participants may enter more than one (1) competition.

  • The outcome of the work should include participants ’reflections and the topics chosen should be related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Who can apply?
How to enter?

Below are the step-by-step instructions to enter the NYRE 2022 Competition(s) of your choice.


Choose the media category you are interested in. It can be Photography, Videography or Article. 


Choose the type of competition under your chosen category. You can refer them HERE


Prepare your finished creative work in the respective format i.e. Photo in png/jpeg, Video in mp4 and Article in pdf.   


Submit your creative work in the google form. Click on the image below to submit. 









Fill in the google  form and make sure to upload your creative work  in the format requested.


Complete google form and click submit  before 15 OCTOBER 2022

And now you're done. All the best Young Reporter!

For general enquiries, please contact us at

How to Enter?


Photo Reportage 

Photo Campaign 

Photo Story 

Video Reportage

Video Campaign

Written Article


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